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Francesco Gringoli

Telecommunication Networks group
University of Brescia
Dept. of Information Engineering
Office N.11, Via Branze 38
25123 Brescia, ITALY

Tel: +39-030-371-5843
Fax: +39-030-380-014
E-mail: francesco.gringoli@unibs.it

OpenPGP/GPG key ID: A254EAAA
Key fingerprint: B382 842C 37AB 5F3D F5E3 112D EA39 9D8B A254 EAAA
Signatures are welcome as long as you can contact me in person.

Short biography (A)

I was born in Milan (Italy) on April 12th, 1974. I received the Laurea degree (BS, MS) in Telecommunication Engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Padova (Italy) in 1998. In February 2002 I received the Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Brescia, Italy. Since June 2018 I am a Associate Professor in Computer Networks at the University of Brescia.

My research interests include techniques and methods for the simulation of packet networks and the evaluation of their performances; development of QoS enabled algorithms for Medium Access Control in 802.11 networks; and statistical analysis of network traffic.

Thesis Proposals

2019/08/20: Stage

Italian company (SMI) located in Padova area is looking for a talented student to bring in new skills regarding localisation techniques for IoT systems. If you are interested, please, contact me.

Recent publications


During winter semester I'm teaching Traffic Modelling and Complementi di Reti di TLC. Lecture's slides and additional stuff can be found on Moodle community.