The availability of correct ground truth information is critical to many experimental scientific activities. In particular, the accuracy in determining the application and protocol behind each flow in an Internet traffic trace is necessary to allow advances in Internet measurement research, such as the study of new traffic classification mechanisms.

gt is a software suite for associating accurate ground truth information with Internet traffic traces. By probing the monitored host's kernel to obtain information on open Internet sessions, gt gathers guaranteed truth at the application level.

gt has been designed and developed by the NTW team in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino, with further contributions from CAIDA.

Sep. 4th, 2009 Our first paper on gt has been published: F. Gringoli, L. Salgarelli, M. Dusi, N. Cascarano, F. Risso and K.C. Claffy, GT: picking up the truth from the ground for Internet traffic, ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, Vol. 39, No. 5, pp. 13-18, Oct. 2009


gt is distributed under the classical BSD license. Please see also the LICENSE file, included in the distribution.


Please note that this version of gt is provided "AS IS" with no warranty whatsoever (see the LICENSE file), is intended for purely experimental and research purposes, and should be considered alpha-quality.

The gt software suite is composed of two main elements:

Usage information

The picture below represents a common deployment scenario and usage approach for gt: GT: the big picture