Here is a set of pointers to some of the software, tools and documents we have produced. In general, for any questions you might have on this section, please contact Francesco Gringoli.


MTClass is a multi-thread, modular Internet statistical traffic analysis engine that can process multi-Gb/s traffic aggregates running in real-time on commodity hardware.

The SSHgate tunneling daemon

SSHgate is a small daemon that transparently routes packets across SSH encrypted tunnels.

Ground Truth (GT)

GT is a simple yet very effective mechanism to capture traffic traces with associated ground-truth information.


tcpanon is a TCP trace anonymizer written in Python. Referring to the TCP/IP stack, what's new is the capability to work at level 7: the TCP stream of each flow in a traffic trace is first interpreted and reassembled at the application layer. Then, sensitive information, according to the rules set in a configuration file, are either erased or camouflaged. The current version works with some of the most common "clear text" protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, FTP, FTP-data, but it can be easily extended to other protocols.


A powerful tool, written mostly in Python, for testing multiple traffic classification mechanisms. It implements our original Naive-Bayes traffic classifier, as well as several other classification approaches. While it does not work in real time, it is very effective at helping the research on traffic classification mechanisms, by analyzing captured traces.

Open FirmWare for WiFi networks

OpenFWWF, Open FirmWare for WiFi networks, is a project that wants to provide an easy and inexpensive platform to implement new Medium Access Control (MAC) mechanism, and wants to be a valid alternative to simulations and expensive ad-hoc platforms. The combination of OpenFWWF and b43 driver is a complete and cheap tool that makes testing of new MAC easy achievable.

Publicly available traces

A list of traffic traces we make available upon request for research purposes.

CoMo modules for statistical traffic classification

Statistical traffic classification modules for the Continuous Monitoring (CoMo) architecture.

PP2db: A Privacy-Preserving, P2P-based Scalable Storage System for Mobile Networks

A set of tools and libraries to implement scalable, distributed storage systems with privacy-preserving features.