Condition register

Condition register 4

This condition register was controlled by SPR_BRC

Bit to test (0-15) Name Description
0 COND_NEED_BEACON Set when a beacon transmission must be triggered
1 COND_NEED_RESPONSEFR Set when a recived frame need a response frame (ACK, CTS)
2 COND_NEED_PROBE_RESP Set when a probe response must be triggered
3 COND_CONTENTION_PARAM_MODIFIED Contention parameters have been modified due to a beacon schedulation. This means that they have to be restored before any other transmission (unless it is a beacon transmission).
4 COND_MORE_FRAGMENT Current frame is composed by multiple fragments
5 COND_FRAME_BURST Current transmission use frame bursting
6 COND_REC_IN_PROGRESS This condition seems to be enabled during reception and disabled when the rx is completed
7 COND_FRAME_NEED_ACK The frame we transmit need to be acknowledge, so we have to enable ACK timeout
8 COND_TX_ERROR Set when something goes wrong with transmission
9 COND_RX_ERROR Set when something goes wrong with reception
10 COND_TX_MULTICAST_FRAME Current frame is a multicast frame
11 COND_NEED_RTS Not sure about that, but seems something related to RTS transmission
12 COND_NEED_PROBE_RESP Set when a probe response was load into serializer and was ready for transmission
13 Not used
14 Not used
15 Not used

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